Choose James and Claire from Porth Sound for a dedicated, creative audio service from location recording through to the final mix.

  • Beagle Media

    Claire from Porth South is talented, efficient, cost effective and a pleasure to work with.

    Claire delivers every time, no matter what the deadline.

    Her audio mix skills are seamless and professional with a fine tuned ear for detail.

    Beagle Media
  • Rosewood Creative

    Claire from Porth Sound makes impossible sound possible. We tasked her to mix poorly recorded voice memos, foleys and music tracks — the results are cinematic, music-video quality soundscapes.

    Delivery is always on time, despite being five thousand miles apart.

    Spremium quality! (Speed+Premium)

    — George Widodo, Associate Content Director, ROSEWOOD Creative

    Rosewood Creative
  • Made Open Communications

    We have worked with Porth Sound on several film projects at Made Open. Claire and James combine practical skills in audio-visual film and post-production with a professional and common-sense approach towards planning and delivery. A recent co-production film project required them to work closely with families affected by Autism Spectrum Condition. They handled this with sensitivity, care and compassion. They always deliver work on time and to a high standard.  We wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Porth Sound to others.

    Made Open Communications
  • Alex Falconer | Director

    Claire and James from Porth Sound are frequent collaborators; they have worked with me on my last two short films. They’re always reliable, creative and able to pull off quality work when called upon. I cannot recommend them enough when it comes to recording and designing sound for film or commercial work.

    Alex Falconer | Director
  • Lightbox Film Co.


    Porth Sound come well prepared to overcome any location challenge when sound recording for us.

    Claire and James join in with our team and always deliver excellent results.

    Lightbox Film Co.
  • Rosewood Creative

    Working with Claire from Porth Sound is an absolute pleasure.

    Her clear communication and quick turnaround make working with her a breeze, even with an eight hour time difference. She’s an excellent audio mixer who elevates our video projects with the finesse of a sharp ear.

    -Lonnie Angle, Account Manager, ROSEWOOD Creative

    Rosewood Creative
  • Jonny Dry | Director

    Sound on Third Quarter was a complex mix of dialogue, sound design, foley and score. Yet the joy of working seamlessly with Claire and James from production sound recording through to the final master kept our creative intention at the heart of every element they worked on; producing an immersive and balanced final mix that completely sold the film’s environment.

    Jonny Dry | Director