Postbox (2020)

Sound Design, Sound Mixing, Sound Recording

Meet me there

Set inside a postbox on a Cornish village green, a typical community bustles around their everyday lives; working, sharing gossip and watching the world at a leisurely pace. An ensemble cast immerses you in this community, sharing laughter, tears and stories.

postbox short film

Postbox film

Funded by the Alumni short film bursary from Falmouth University’s School of Film and Television and Screen Cornwall, Postbox was filmed on location in Cornwall during the summer of 2019.

Postbox film Ella Turner

Featuring an ensemble cast, this innovative short film is restricted to one view through a village postbox, allowing for a richer sonic world to tell the story, more in a radio play style than a short film.

filming the postbox film

What is it?    Short film

Genre?            Experimental/drama/spatial sonic experience

How long?     6 – 8 minutes

postbox short film

Postbox film crew Cornwall Falmouth

The Postbox, set in a rural Cornish village, comments on rural identity challenged by changing times. It is not set at a particular time and aims to have relevance to rural communities from more than just a Southern English audience. The lack of visual clarity as the audience peers through the restrictive letter box is meant to be frustrating, and to point the audience towards really listening to how the story is being told aurally. Setting the film inside a postbox situates the story in a fixed place, as the village community around it transforms and moves away.

Postbox director Claire Stevens

Director’s statement of intent during pre-production

I don’t want the postbox short film to become an obviously negative comment on how such rural communities are dying, more a comment on how audiences’ react to such big societal shifts as the demise of letter communication and communities based around a village green. If the audience reaction is negative, then that would perhaps open a discussion.

I am interested in creating a film that is a bit different, that is not a film for a film’s sake and could perhaps be used in an installation format (as well as online) to prompt discussions in different places.

Recently, I have been working with a Cornwall company on several ‘timebanking’ projects, with a few communities in Bristol and Devon that are conducting long ‘community building’ projects around time-banking and skill sharing. It would be interesting to connect with such projects during their launch/awareness campaigns and to use such a film as this to engage people by prompting discussions.

Postbox film Cornwall village life


Written & directed by Claire Stevens

Producer/ DoP: Ella Turner

AC: George Perry & Chris Smith

BTS: Chris Smith & Adam Drake

Concept Art: Rachel Akerman

Production Sound Mixer: James Chatwin

Sound Design & Mix: Porth Sound

Animation: Animind Studios

VFX: Ollie Chater

Runners: Lauren and Fraya

Executive Producers: Screen Cornwall & the School of Film & Television Falmouth University



Joseph Woolf

Sammy Woolf

David Warren

Meryn Turner

Cecelia Bradley

Poppy Edgecombe

Melanie Houghton

Adam Drake

Jill Greenacre

Heidi Dorschler

Ruben Wheeler

Kieran Faithfull

Trevenen Harrya

Emily Juniper

Emma Spurgin Hussey

Josie Giles

Ben Giles

George Perry

postbox short film