Dinner Manners (2017)

Short Film, Sound Design

Random Acts Sound Design

Dinner Manners is Lucy Linford’s short film made for Channel 4’s Random Acts, through Calling the Shots.

Lucy recites her poem ‘Dinner Manners’ and the film features stop-motion animation by Sammy-Jo Tawn.

We worked with Lucy and the team to record a variety of bespoke sound effects for her short. This Random Acts sound design project involved a mixture of foley recording and ambient design. Our favourite sections include the ‘popcorn’ popping soundtrack to the stop-motion dancing snacks, from the still below.

Dinner Manners Random Acts

Director/Writer: Lucy Linford | Producer/ 1st AD: Sophie Christopherson | Producer/Mentor: Denzil Monk | Executive Producer: Steve Gear | DoP: John Crookes | Sound Design: James Chatwin & Claire Stevens | Stop Motion Animation: Sammy-Jo Awn | Production Design: Scarlett Bird | Graphic Design: Will Lancaster | Props: Laura Marr & Sarah Crookes | 1st AC: Peter Doyle-Davidson | 2nd AC: Will Roberts | Online: [email protected]


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