Yoga & Exercise (2018)

Sound Recording

Porth Sound regularly work with Lightbox Film Co, sound recording for exercise videos. Past projects include a wide variety of exercise based video series, from demonstrations, to meditation, to introductory videos talking to camera.

Past work in this format has ranged from Yoga lessons for children, “Class Yoga“, and for adults, “Yoga for Runners”.

sound recording for exercise videos

In 2018, Porth Sound recorded a series of interviews with Lightbox Film Co. for their client, FLexercise. Sound recording for exercise videos presents a unique set of challenges, including bringing exercise routines into a film studio!

To find out more about sound recording rates with Porth Sound, please contact us.

Lightbox testimonial


If you’re interested in collaborating with Porth Sound on a similar project, please get in touch with us because we’d love to hear from you!

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